Monday, March 24, 2008

Making Stuff For Kids
Black Dog Publishing, 2007

I first spied this book on Heidi Kenney’s flickr account since her cute House Pin Board is on the cover (the "how to" project is on page 116). I touched base with Black Dog Publishing who quickly sent over a copy for review.

I am a part of the long list of creative makers in their 30’s who’s crafty roots started as a kid at summer camp, girl scouts and most importantly at home. I agree completely with Victoria Woodcock who wrote the introduction, who reminds us that “….making stuff adds balance to a child’s leisure time and teaches them important skills such as using imagination, dexterity and problem-solving.”

The book itself is a fine piece of work from Heidi’s house on the front to the cute, colorful layout within its 160 pages. I really like Camilla Stacey’s “Egghead” (page 54) project that states “grow something you can eat in something you have eaten” where you plant a mini garden in egg shells decorated as heads. I’m also a fan of the “Color By Stitches” project by Suzie Fry (page 96) and the “Wall Decals” by Susan Rowe Harrison (page118)

“Making Stuff For Kids” is a great book for parents who may want to dive in a make a project along side their child! There are 50 projects to pick from all with simple steps laid out for projects that include sewing, cutting, pasting, knitting, etc. Each project is tagged with symbols to warn you if adult supervision is needed, messes will be made or if it is a project that will take time and patience. “Making Stuff For Kids” is a great book for your craft library (kids or no kids to be honest)- or a perfect book for a birthday present for your friends little one's!!


Unknown said...

thank you for the shout faythe!

i have more decals on poppytalk handmade for the home sweet home market (july-august 2008) or at and art installations/drawings, etc... at

look forward to seeing your documentary and other projects!

all the best, susan

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