Monday, March 24, 2008

Craft INC.
Turn Your Creative Hobby Into a Business
Meg Mateo Ilasco
Chronicle Books, 2007

I love this book. I only wish I had it when I launched my crafty business Flying Fish Design in 2002. First of all, the size of the book itself is perfect for toting around in your purse, the chapters are outlined in a really great way and the books’ corners are rounded to top it all off. Great design!!

I love the through advice that Meg gives, starting with creating time and space to start your business. Throughout this book there is advice, tools, resources and ideas; everything you need to establish a structure (or restructure) your business. There are also great discussions/interviews with women who have their own creative businesses, these featured ladies offer up really great feedback from their experience.

As I am flipping back through the pages to see what I highlighted when I read the book on my flight to Tucson last month, I am realizing that I tabbed too many pages to talk about. Honestly, there is just so much amazing information crammed in this 160 paperback to try and relay in a quick review. I think that both established and aspiring creative business owners should have this book in their library. Fantastic read and great resources!

My advice, pick up this gem if you don't have it already!

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AJ Bindel said...

Great! Thanks for the review! I've been interested in reading this book. My library doesn't have a copy, but it sounds like it's one to buy.