Friday, July 31, 2009

PHILLY! Handmade Nation premiere!

I am here & holy crap did it rain today!

I got in this afternoon and already went to the Mutter Museum & The Independence Seaport Museum for the Tattoos in the Life of the American Sailor exhibit. Now, I'm off to Art Star for the Amy Rice opening.

Don't forget to come see me and Handmade Nation tomorrow:

August 1st:
Philadelphia, PA
6-8 pm, Public admission: $5 at the door. Seating is limited.
Pennsylvania Convention Center, RM 103
1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, 19107
Advanced tickets can be purchased at: ART STAR GALLERY
Sponsored by the Buyers Market of American Craft
Director Q&A following the screening, moderated by Kris Stewart, editor of NICHE Magazine.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Xenobia Bailey at Kohler Arts Center

If you have the option to go to the Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan WI it's always a good idea. Right now you should go check out the amazing installation done mostly in crochet by Xenobia Bailey. I just found her blog, which looks really awesome too! is great check it out.

I snuck these images of Xenobia's work from the show for you to peep and get excited about.....

Xenobia Bailey at Kohler Arts Center

Xenobia Bailey at Kohler Arts Center

Xenobia Bailey at Kohler Arts Center

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I am taking the week off to go up North in Wisconsin and only checking email once a day! Making a huge effort to just being as lazy as I can, which is reallllly hard for me. Found this great thrift score on the way up here. Crying girl velvet painting for $2 in Two Rivers. Not bad at all....

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baby update!

Cortney's son Abe is doing so so fine, he is about one month now. Here we are hanging out yesterday afternoon. I've been trying to see them as much as possible in between trips. Luckily they only live a few blocks away!

PHILLY: Ticket giveaway!

Handmade Nation ticket giveaway on INDIE FIXX, the deadline is July 22nd so snap to it!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

ATLANTA:: Handmade Nation is coming your way!

Handmade Naiton in ATLANTA!

We got into the Atlanta Underground Film Festival Aug 26-30th

Dates & Times coming soon HERE

Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh Smithsonian you did me right + Edmonton, AB on Saturday!

Here is my weekly wrap-up peeps! I am taking next week off, going to a cabin in the woods!

On Wednesday I took the train from Baltimore to DC. I got picked up by my friend Kate at Union Station. We walked back to her house and then just chilled out with her boyfriend. I had a long list of suggested spots to visit in DC but I've been traveling so much we opted for Dinner and Harry Potter (it was RAD).

Thursday I ate breakfast at Founding Farmers (highly recommended) with all of my Milwaukee to DC transplant friends. It was great. The headed over to the Renwick Gallery. From their site: "The Renwick Gallery, a branch of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, features one of the finest collections of American craft in the United States. Its collections, exhibition program and publications highlight the best craft objects and decorative arts from the 19th century to the present." I met up with Katie Crooks the program director who introduced me to Nicholas Bell the curator who was initially interested in bringing the film there. My screening was scheduled for 12 and about 80 people showed up for the programing.




It was such a huge honor to see something I made in such a grand space. After the screening I did a brief Q&A and book signing. Then Nicholas and I had a really great casual meeting and talked about the indie craft community.

Thanks Renwick Gallery, you added another amazing notch to where the gospel of DIY has been spread.

Next stop for the film is this Saturday July 18th in Edmonton, AB presented by "Make It". Tickets are available HERE. I am heading back to Milwaukee for a little down time. My next stop is the Philly screening on August 1st. Tickets for that show are available at Art Star.

All you UK crafters Handmade Nation is screening for FREE on July 25th at the V&A and July 26th in Northampton, UK at The FishMarket.

Check out my Baltimore photo set on my other flickr account with images from Baltimore's ArtScape Midway. One of my favorite things I've been at in a long while.

"Things To Put On Your Face"

The Midway at ArtScape

Bunnieties Symposium

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The screening last night in Baltimore was fantastic. I met so many lovely peeps and some great old friends from Seattle and Milwaukee came to see the film as well! I also got to spend a little time around Baltimore.
speak your mind. live for today.

If you come here make sure to visit the American Visionary Arts Museum. I was lucky enough to get to meet the director and founder Rebecca Hoffberger who was one of the most inspiring women I have ever met.

Museum of Visionary Art

Museum of Visionary Art

I also had the treat of getting to go up into the Bromo Seltzer clock tower! My hostess Kristen Grey works in the building and it had the BEST view of Baltimore! So so awesome.

Bromo Seltzer clock tower

Time to go catch the amtrak to DC for my screening at the Smithsonian tomorrow! Come see me or send peeps down there on their lunch breaks!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

San Francisco: check this out

Go to this
Originally uploaded by Handmade Nation!.

Chronicle Books is hosting this event on Monday if you are looking for something fun to do....

Vancouver wrap up!

I had a whirl-wind trip in Vancouver this week. Flew in on Wednesday then an insane full day on Thursday.
I did a TV appearance

Book signing at Barefoot Contessa
Booksigning at Barefoot Contessa in Vancouver

& the premiere was at the Rio Theater with over 300 people in attendance + a great mini craft fair to boot!
Vancouver Handmade Nation premiere at the Rio Theather
Vancouver Handmade Nation premiere at the Rio Theather

I even got to meet the authors Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain of the soon to be released book "Yarn Bombing" at the welcome party at my hostess with the mostess Kim Werker's house.
Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain authors of the soon to be released book "Yarn Bombing"

I was also tickled by these amazing vegan cupcakes made for me by Coco Cake Cupcakes
Cupcakes at my welcome party
Cupcakes at my welcome party
"Welcome Faythe".... um, amazing.

AND, Kim & I spent her 33rd birthday doing all sorts of fun shopping & eating (I ate the best sushi I've ever had besides in Japan). She took me to The Assembly of Text which I was of course in LOVE with every aspect of... go there if you like letters, typewriters, zines, indie publications and girls who do dope shit.
Assembly of Text in Vancouver
Assembly of Text in Vancouver
((please note this amazing window display))
Check out the rest of the photos in my flickr set

A very very special thank you goes out to Andrea & Rob of Lotus Event's (they bring you GOT CRAFT?) who brought me to Vancouver, organized a fantastic sucessful event and are just overall lovely people doing great things.

Monday, July 06, 2009


Last week::
I took a trip out to Los Angeles for the Dwell Design Conference to be on the panel "

Crafting and Creating in Consumer Culture"moderated by the lovely Jordan Kushins (Assistant Editor, Dwell). I was on the panel with Brian Singer (Principal/Creative Director

Altitude) & friend Billie Lopez (Co-owner ReForm School).

I also took a minute to meet with Jenny Ryan (organizer of Felt Club and founder of HomeEc) and Tootie (Co-owner ReForm School) over at Cinefamily where we will be doing the Los Angeles premiere in August (NOTE: TICKETS WENT ON SALE TODAY HERE).


Monday, July 6th

Live radio interview: 7:30-8:00pm
KDHX-88.1 FM, community radio in St. Louis
"Tonight we kick off a month of conversations on "The Life Creative" -- folks of all stripes are getting down with DIY, whether knitting scarves for charity, planting victory gardens to avoid corporate food conglomerates or self-publishing conspiracy theories while wearing the tinfoil hats. What's behind our impulse to make stuff, to do stuff, to get more self-reliant and creative? And how can even suits benefit from more creativity? We'll talk about it all month with a variety of voices. Tonight's guest is Faythe Levine, author and film director of the book/documentary movie project "Handmade Nation: The Rise of DIY, Art, Craft and Design." We'll talk about her 19,000-mile journey to document the resurgence of indie craft and its implications for sustainability and subverting traditional capitalism...and the movement's limitations"

Thursday, 9th::
Vancouver Premiere! ((Come meet me, I'm making the trip))
Rio Theatre, 1660 East Broadway @ Commercial Drive Screening at 8:00pm, Craft Showcase at 7:00pm Tickets HERE

Tuesday, 14th::
Baltimore Premiere! ((Come meet me, I'm making the trip))
7pm with director Q&A to follow
University of Baltimore auditorium, 21 W Mount Royal Avenue (the corner of Mt Royal and Maryland Ave)
FREE & open to the public

Thursday, 16th::
Washington DC Premiere
! ((Come meet me, I'm making the trip))
Renwick Gallery :: Smithsonian American Art Museum
12:00 book signing & screening
More info here FREE & open to the public