Tuesday, November 28, 2006

ICE Atlanta- GO to it!

Save the date Atlanta, for the Indie Craft Experience, December 9th, 2006!

We were lucky enough to shoot with the ladies of ICE in June 2006 (our first shoot actually) and it was GREAT! If you are in the Atlanta area, check this show out they rule and they are supporting a local charity as well as our documentary with their admission cost!

The 4th Indie Craft Experience!!!!
Come get all your holiday shopping done in a fun, festive atmosphere. We'll have over 50 vendors and you can check them out on our website.
So come on out!
December 9 from noon to 8 p.m. at The B Complex in the West End. $5 admission benefits Hagar's House, a shelter for women and children and the Indie Craft Documentary!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Seattle & Los Angeles here we come! Please email us if you feel like there is something or someone we should check out, or even if you have a favorite resturant, we like good food! indiecraftdocumentary "at" gmail dot com

Seattle! We will be at Urban Craft Uprising this Saturday then shooting around the city at selected crafty locations for the next few days.....

Los Angeles! We arrive on Wed. and shoot all day Thursday & Friday at studio's & shop's then we will be shooting at the XL Felt Club on Saturday, December 9th!

Oh, and check out this post on the Textile Fetish blog, pictures of your's truly from Austin at Stitch! And this post on the Cut + Paste blog. AND, this post in the Craft Zine blog! If you have written about the Documentary in your blog or live journal please let us know so we can let others know about you... I know there are a lot of other posts, these are just some of the recent one's!!

Thanks again everyone for your support!

Just two weeks ago we were~
psssst.... this is the back of a Ramonster dress, get one they are amazing!!! All freehand machine embroidery! DANG!

Take note kind reader:
The best way to check out what we have been up to lately is to go to our FLICKR account, I have added a lot of descriptions talking about who we have been interviewing and what they have to say!

Okay okay, I'm offically behind-- please excuse my tardy posts. For those of you who may not know not only am I working on this film, but I also own a boutique & gallery plus run my crafty business. The holiday season is cursing me in every aspect of my life, so to say the least- I'm a bit overwhelmed. BUT, it hasen't stopped us from doing some serious traveling and getting lot's of great interviews...... I want to make sure you all know about it! Also as a side note Micaela could not make it to Texas with me so my good friend and filmmaker Drew Rosas was kind enough to step in and do the camera biznass! Thanks Drew!

First off, we went to Austin for Stitch, it was AMAZING! So many great vendors, such a great turnout. We also got to see our friend Sherry from Craft Zine, our friends Aitor & Becky of Sweetie Pie Press who have been on a flippin' craft fair tour! AND fellow Milwaukeeien (?!) Meghan from Birdcage Jewelry!Backstage with the ladies who make it happen!

We did studio visits with Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching

Whiteny Lee of Made with Sweet Love Kathie Sever (+ cutie pie daughter Ramona to the right) of Ramonster
We visited the ladies of the rad shop Parts & Labor

Then, we drove to Houston and went out "bombing" with the Graffiti knitting group-
Knitta' Please!
The top picture is of Drew filiming Knitta' in action. Bottom picture is the end result!

All in all it was an AMAZING trip. Please do read more about it along with the extended photo remix version in our flickr account.

------------ THEN what happend you asked? Well.....

Chicago, the windy city conviently located only 1.5 hours away from us here in Milwaukee....

Just last weekend, we went down to one of my personal favorite shows- the Chicago DIY Trunk Show. Organizers Cinnamon & Amy are some of the sweetest, most community oritented peeps I have met--- they also deserve a special extra big ol' ah hem.....
THANK YOU because they decided that they would donate the proceeds of their raffle to us, the Indie Craft Documentary! It has been our largest donation yet (besides from my dad, uh, thanks again dad!) and we REALLY needed it!

Thanks thanks thanks thanks and seriously, really, thanks! To all of you, thanks.

Crafty queen's of the day:

Monday, November 06, 2006

In Little Otsu

In Little Otsu
Originally uploaded by Indie Craft Documentary.

I've finally gotten around to posting the pictures from our San Francisco trip a few weeks back.

Sorry for the delay, I just had too much going on getting ready for the craft fair I coordinate Art vs. Craft!

Also, due to a long long day of interviews I forgot to photograph our last interview of the trip at Needles and Pens---- dang!! They rule.

Stay tuned for some pictures of Art vs. Craft and upcoming this weekend is Stitch in Austin--- here we come!!