Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Soundtrack Music!!!

This week we got to visit the studio of our musican friends who are helping write music for our soundtrack, Their company is called Noisla and they have done a lot of amazing work. The way they work is we give them a list of songs and sounds we like, then they compose original work for us!

from left to right: Cris, Joe, Didier

from left to right: Joe, Didier, Annie (who is recording some instruments on the tracks)

On our youtube clip the music is from my band Wooden Robot, so we will use a combination of our music and the work that Joe and Didier write for us. It was super duper rad to sit down and listen to what they came up with. Once we have a good mix I'll put it up for folks to listen to!

We also just made our first sale to the Czech Republic today via our etsy shop, a pair of Mohop shoes will be traveling over sea's this week! Thank you Karen enjoy your handmade shoes!!

only 5 more pairs available at www.indiecraftmovie.etsy.com
proceeds go towards the film

Friday, January 25, 2008

New ETSY items in shop!

mid round.jpg
Originally uploaded by Indie Craft Documentary.

Besides our new t shirts being available check out these amazing shoes made by MOHOP! Available along with 5 other pairs in our etsy shop right now!


check out other images on flickr here:

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

72 hours in Los Angeles can really put you through the ringer!!

I'm in the Denver airport on my way home from a whirl wind trip to Los Angeles to meet with our new Producer Keeva Halferty. Keeva has worked her connection magic and we have a bunch of new folks on board working on the documentary.... more details to come!!

In other news Natalie Zee Drieu Editor over at Craftzine.com did a lovely little post about our Featured Buyer spot on Etsy.com this week! Check it out HERE, and thanks everyone for the sweetest comments ever!

Monday, January 21, 2008

I just sent out this email to my mailing list... thought some of you may also find it of interest.

New year update....

The book is currently it it's second round of edits, soon to be sent to the designer at Princeton Architectural Press. It came together so well and reads fantastically from front to back!

Because the book is now complete, the documentary is now back to first priority. We have a group of musicians who work under the name Noisola that are currently working on music just for us! Our schedule for this year is all about getting a cut ready for a festival release in early 2009.

Other good news is that I was the recipient of the Mary L. Nohl fellowship for emerging artists, which has been a great help financially, but we are still raising money to help with production cost. This week on Etsy.com, Handmade Nation will be the featured buyer and we hope that this will boost our fundraising sales. This will also be the premier of our new "Craft Tree" T's & Totes designed by Lara Cameron which have only been available at craft fairs until now.

2008 is going to be a great year, bringing the second Craft Congress in San Francisco, many amazing shows around the country, the release of our book as well as many other anticipated books from community members including Susan Beal, Jenny Ryan, Jennifer Perkins and Betsy Greer to name a few, and of course the completion of the documentary!

I hope this finds you all well and hope to hear from you soon, please keep me updated with events, news and random fun facts about what is going on with you and in your city.

Faythe Levine
Director & Author

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Somehow it slipped through the cracks and I didn't mention that I was quoted in the New York Times Magazine a few weeks back in an article written by Rob Walker. You can read Handmade 2.0 HERE. This is the illustration they used, I think it's great.........Also, I got asked to be a part of an event happening in Pittsburgh this April. It is a symposium which is in conjunction with a year-long festival called "Women in the Arts: Founders, Pioneers, Instigators". I'm pretty excited! More news on that later.