Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Typeface Documentary & Blanket Magazine

I totally have a love/hate relationship with twitter, but I do use it regularly for Handmade Nation as well as socially (follow me @faythelevine). The reasons I do love it is because I like finding out about things like "Typeface". This is a new documentary (I have yet to see) about a very special place that just so happens to be in Wisconsin only a few hours away from me. This trailer is a kick in the butt to make my way up there very very soon. Keep an eye out on their website for screenings near you.

Also, head on over to Blanket Magazine to download the new issue. It's not just any issue it's their 20th & also the 3rd Birthday of the Magazine! You can see this feature with your's truly as well as interviews and artwork by a ton of people. There is also an amazing spread on jumping photos, which I am always a huge fan of (see below).

A screen shot of my spread in Blanket Magazine

Here I am jumping on my bed in Melbourne last year

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