Sunday, May 03, 2009

Phoenix:: Sunday

I am having an amazing time in Phoenix, there is so much amazing stuff going on here in this city. Off to brunch with my hosts and the Crafty Chica herself, Kathy Cano Murillo. One more screening today at Modified Arts, hopefully it will sell out like yesterdays showing.

I got a great review you can read HERE from yesterday too!

And, if you have a spare moment read this article that was passed onto me about the growing movement of younger foodies in Brooklyn, there is so much crossover with what is going on with DIY creativity in this article HERE.

Pictures and more news to come! I fly home right after my screening and will be in Milwaukee all week catching up on stuff.... Oh and don't forget to do read about the giveaway that P.A. Press is doing for the book below!


missgreen2061 said...

it was a joy to meet you Sunday afternoon, thoughly enjoyed your film. Please let me know once the DVD is ready for purchase. I love crafts of all kinds, but my favorite thing is finding a treasure made from long ago, so much time, love, & energy put into it, i then take it & either reuse it or display it, for it's beautify to be seen again. i am totally into using recycled goods, they usually are the best, & much easier on the pocketbook. Thank you for showing the true value of handmade goods, really handmade treasures for the next generation to "find". God Bless you on all of your travels.....Sandy

Anonymous said...

Love the name of this blog. Great find!