Monday, August 25, 2008

Random press & super sweet cross stitch......

A few odds and ends of press I got over the past few week that I should mention. First is a really great write-up in the The Onion (Milwaukee edition) written by Rebecca Cook. The cool thing about that was Nathan's band had a huge write-up a few pages over, I love it when we get press at the same time. Ken Taylor wrote an article on indie craft with quotes from both Cortney and I in XLR8R Magazine. It's on the last page in the September 2008 issue if you want to check it out, but I've scanned both in HERE & HERE too.

I also did a radio interview with Paul Riismandel on media geek which you can stream HERE.

Screen Shot: media geek interview

Kim Kisiolek my business partner at Paper Boat took this photo on her iphone while at an antique mall this weekend and I am in love with it:

I love this
The stitches are so perfectly wonky. Best eves.

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