Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I just posted this exact post on Super Naturale and I don't think I really need to change it for here.

I was passed a link to this discussion thread via Sabrina Gschwandtner who received it from Andrew Wagner. I highly recommend anyone who has interest, investment or pride about what we call "indie craft" to take a gander and give your two cents. And I second the suggestion of Annie who wrote the initial blog post who states "you might want to brew a cup of coffee before you sit down for this one . . ."

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Jennifer Perkins said...

Thanks for sending me the link to this post it has become a viral thing now as I have passed it around and heard others talking about it. Does not surprise me at Stitch I talked to a vendor who does the American Craft Counsil show and she was livid they were letting in "Indie Crafters" to the show this year. I was too frazzled to argue, but I gathered that was the general mindset.