Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Win this book in our MARCH FUNDRAISER RAFFLE!

Right before I left for Tucson I received a copy of “I Heart Felt: 33 inspired eye popping projects for the inspired knitter” by Kathleen Taylor published by Taunton Press for review. I’ve spent the last hour of my flight thumbing though it, learning about the process of felting and the final outcomes when using different yarns and reading about the projects that Kathleen has laid out for you step by step.

I found “I Heart Felt” to be clean and colorful, with an easy to read layout. The book is broken down into four basic segments: 1. The Basics, 2. Playing With Texture, 3. Using Color and 4. Exploring Embellishments. The 33 projects that fall within these four chapters all include a material list, knitting directions, sizing directions and any additional sewing instructions.

I definitely recommend this book for people who have some basic/advanced knitting skills; the projects go from simple adornments to advanced knitting patterns so make sure you brush up on your stitches before making your yarn purchases.

I think that the best thing about “I Heart Felt” is that the maker can use it as a platform for his or her own creative process and projects. Available on HERE.

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