Tuesday, January 05, 2010

hello 2010, nice to meet you

Back to work. Everything is a little backed up around here, I took some for reals time off the past two weeks. Had an epic dinner party at my house, took a trip to NY and ate a whole lot of amazing food.

Yesterday & today just sifting through emails and seeing where I left off. I'm feeling really good about this trip East coming up, so many good people to visit in Boston MA, Providence RI and the state of Maine. I am crossing my fingers that the weather agrees with my travel plans and will update you all with new projects soon.


champagnestew said...

Happy New Year, Faythe!

I work with the American craft council show in Atlanta and i am trying to see how we might get funding to bring your film to the show. I'm talking to the public broadcasting station here and they are interested in seeing a clip or trailer of the film to see if they might be interested in airing it.

Is that on your web site?

Karin koser

n.jean. said...

My name is Norah and I have JUST moved to Milwaukee from Canada to start a new theatre company. I am a craft lover and budding maker and would love to hear your tips on where to go in Milwaukee for cheap supplies and/or cool buys. Thanks!