Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Staying warm with color

I am back in Milwaukee for a bit, unwinding & enjoying some serious home time.

I will resume Handmade Nation related travel in 2010 when I fly East for Portland, Providence, Belfast and Boston.

Until then, Happy Holidays and warm New Year wishes to all of you.

xo, Faythe


Tom Paine's Ghost said...

Just saw Handmade Nation screened at the Bean cycle/ matter bookstore in Fort Collins, CO last week. Inspired me to go deeper into the buy local mentality. Recently became acquainted with the proprietors of the local leather workers who run tread light gear and other local artisans and crafts people at the Fort Collins "Freedom Market" last Saturday. Thanks for making this film and I hope it touches more people. I write a blog at www.tompainesghost.com and am trying to create a completely paper-free market of ideas there. We are having a blogging contest over there and would like to invite you and your blog patrons to submit entries. To Find out more about the contest at the following link.
Kristopher Hite

Jennifer K said...

I've been raving about Handmade Nation, both the book and the documentary, to everyone I know. I do wish you continued success. Thanks for all you do to support crafters.

Anonymous said...
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dawnecaban said...
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TheCluelessCrafter said...

Faythe, I had no idea you were from Milwaukee! I'm a Madisonian now living in NYC.

I'm working to find a venue to screen your movie here. . .

Was the Museum of Art & Design the only place that hosted a screening in the city?

Petaluma Craft Mafia said...

Happy Bew Year Faythe!

I so cover that crazy crochet throw on your sofa!