Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh Smithsonian you did me right + Edmonton, AB on Saturday!

Here is my weekly wrap-up peeps! I am taking next week off, going to a cabin in the woods!

On Wednesday I took the train from Baltimore to DC. I got picked up by my friend Kate at Union Station. We walked back to her house and then just chilled out with her boyfriend. I had a long list of suggested spots to visit in DC but I've been traveling so much we opted for Dinner and Harry Potter (it was RAD).

Thursday I ate breakfast at Founding Farmers (highly recommended) with all of my Milwaukee to DC transplant friends. It was great. The headed over to the Renwick Gallery. From their site: "The Renwick Gallery, a branch of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, features one of the finest collections of American craft in the United States. Its collections, exhibition program and publications highlight the best craft objects and decorative arts from the 19th century to the present." I met up with Katie Crooks the program director who introduced me to Nicholas Bell the curator who was initially interested in bringing the film there. My screening was scheduled for 12 and about 80 people showed up for the programing.




It was such a huge honor to see something I made in such a grand space. After the screening I did a brief Q&A and book signing. Then Nicholas and I had a really great casual meeting and talked about the indie craft community.

Thanks Renwick Gallery, you added another amazing notch to where the gospel of DIY has been spread.

Next stop for the film is this Saturday July 18th in Edmonton, AB presented by "Make It". Tickets are available HERE. I am heading back to Milwaukee for a little down time. My next stop is the Philly screening on August 1st. Tickets for that show are available at Art Star.

All you UK crafters Handmade Nation is screening for FREE on July 25th at the V&A and July 26th in Northampton, UK at The FishMarket.

Check out my Baltimore photo set on my other flickr account with images from Baltimore's ArtScape Midway. One of my favorite things I've been at in a long while.

"Things To Put On Your Face"

The Midway at ArtScape

Bunnieties Symposium

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teacup adventure said...

I stumbled upon that museum recently and quite enjoyed it!