Sunday, March 29, 2009

Okay, somehow it's already Sunday and I've been home for a week and a half but I still have not unpacked from Australia or done my trip recap like I promised. But I will, maybe tomorrow....

In other news my business partner and I announced that we will be closing the doors of our Milwaukee based shop Paper Boat Boutique & Gallery. You can read about it HERE. It is a bittersweet decision as you an imagine.

AND the lovely lovely Kate of Obsessive Consumption has been documenting the affairs surrounding the Portland, OR premiere next weekend including all the incredible goodies that are coming in for the swag bags that come with the Friday night ticket. Check out her flickr set HERE.

Details about the screenings happening at the Portland Museum of Contemporary Craft are HERE and while your at it check out this rad promo video they made for the event- they are killing it!

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JafaBrit's Art said...

I couldn't find an email for you here or youtube (maybe it is right in front of me but I can't seem to see it duh!), but I was wondering if and when you would be releasing a video of your movie. I am part of the gallery team at the arts council in Yellow Springs Ohio and we hope to do a radical craft exhibit in the fall this year.
my email is: