Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I arrived in Melbourne on Monday morning, which was incredibly confusing since left Milwaukee at 2pm on Saturday afternoon! My flight went from Chicago to Los Angeles, Los Angeles direct to Melbourne. The time difference is 17 hours a head between here and Milwaukee! Yowza!!

When I arrived not only was my luggage last off the plane (45 minute wait) but it was one of the most difficult customs I have ever gone through! Two hours after landing I made it through and Ross and Angela were there to meet me! I had only ever spoke with them once and the rest of our communication has been via email but they were both as sweet and lovely as could be. Their Company Living Creatively puts on the Stitches and Craft show where I am having my Australian premiere of Handmade Nation next week! They are responsible for bringing me here and I am so excited to take in as much of the city as possible! On top of having great hosts I have two friend from Milwaukee who just happen to be here at the same time. We have already seen some great stuff over the past few days:

Rooftop Cinema
Last night we watched Heathers at the Rooftop Cinema
Milk Bar
I learned that Milk Bar = Corner Store
nesting doll shop
I found a nesting doll shop
Melbourne street graffiti
Street Graffiti is legal

A few more pictures HERE

Over the next few days I am doing a bunch of interviews for print and radio. Then next week we start the screenings. I will also be doing some programing with Craft Victoria with my friends Chicks on Speed (information below).

More soon.....