Monday, March 09, 2009

For as much time as I waste on social networking sites like there is always those moments when they pay off. One of those times happened to be this week when I got a message from a lovely lady by the name of Pip. Pip not only owns a crafty boutique here in Melbourne called Meet Me at Mike's but is also the author of a book soon to be released by the same name!

I visited Pip and her guy Cam yesterday after my radio interview at 3RRR, it was a holiday here in Melbourne so the shop was closed.
Radio interview at 102.7 3RRR in Melbourne

Radio interview at 102.7 3RRR in Melbourne
in the studio!

Pip, Cam and I spent some time drinking tea and catching up about the city, the Australian craft scene and good spots to check out. Their space was so amazing and I could of kicked myself for only having my iphone to capture the afternoon. Their home/shop is worth some real documenting for sure!

Pip & Cam, owners of Meet Me at Mikes

Tea & Nougat with Pip & Cam

Pip & Cam's house

Pip & Cam in their shop Meet Me at Mike's!

I couldn't be more pleased with my new friends who I am meeting for dinner tonight and also getting up at the crack of dawn with on Sunday to go to a flea market. Dinner and flea markets are really in my top 5 favorite things ever. Yay facebook! Yay Australia!

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meetmeatmikes said...

Aww Faythe! I'm totally in your fan club, Miss! Looking forward to dumplings tonight.. awright! xx

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