Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Check out Design For Mankind I am featured this week on the Dialogue series Episode 2 along with LISA SOLOMON and PIA BIJKERK. The Dialogue series is a really cool concept that Erin has developed- if you haven't checked out her site now is the perfect time. Also, as a little side note I feel compelled to mention that my segment was shot in my hotel room here in Australia which is why it looks so sterile compared to Lisa and Pia's amazing spaces. I have cool rooms too.... just on the other side of the world!

"The bailout. The financial crisis. The economic downturn. However you slice it, finances are fast becoming our world’s new favorite topic, so naturally— our Dialogue cast weighs in. Find out more about the life of a freelancer, tips for staying afloat and the benefits of working for “the man”, right here on Design for Mankind."

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