Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Today Cortney and I are featured on design*sponge with photos of our homes HERE & HERE. 
There is also a really long interview with the both of us HERE.

I found it amusing that people commented on my house being cluttered, the funny thing is, it is so NOT cluttered in those photos. Those photos were the sample images I sent to the NYT for my HOME feature in September. 

design*sponge interview

design*sponge sneak peek: Faythe Levine

design*sponge sneak peek: Cortney Heimerl


Ashley Anna Brown said...

Hi Faythe! I just wanted to let you know that I loved getting to see a peek into your home - thanks! It looks well lived in and warm and home-y (like a home should be!) I think it's so weird when people make a point of leaving comments just to say they don't like something. That's the kind of thing I would just keep to myself! I'll be going to NY next Thursday for the film premier and I'm really excited! See you then!


this blog is RAD! we linked to you on our little blog. check us out-we're in cali doing the handmade thing. we're craftinista.blogspot.com; we're the local organized craft mob. can't wait to check out handmade nation.

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