Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back from the 68th Annual Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) trade show in Anaheim, CA. I was there to help introduce "indie" to the larger craft market. I've never been to an industry show on that scale and it was very overwhelming and quite the experience.

Anaheim convention center
The looming convention center

Cathy of California & Christine Haynes
Thank goodness there were familiar faces: Cathy of California & Christine Haynes

Indie-Craft Welcome Event
The event I was a speaker at.

Sooooooo this happened:
Paris Hilton at CHA
Paris Hilton introducing her new line of scrapbooking goods. Wow.

And much more importantly Christine Haynes got to see her new book Chic & Simple Sewing for the very first time in print. It looks amazing!!!

Jenny Ryan and a copy of her new book!!! Sew Darn Cute
And Jenny Ryan producer of Felt Club also got to see her book Sew Darn Cute for the first time in print!!

Congrats ladies!
View the rest of the show pictures HERE.


sneakycrafty said...

Oh that's funny, one person you don't expect to see on a craft blog is Paris - I can just see her stylist picking that toned down brown shirt especially for the 'demographic'...

Anonymous said...

just found your blog and i bought your awesome book last month at barnes and noble-congrats on such wide success! i'm saving your blog to mine so i'll remember to check in all the time!

Meg said...

that is so exciting - both are a must have