Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Home again home again. My trip to Providence and Boston was quick and fun!

Craftland is a magical space in downtown Providence filled with some rare crafty finds that I haven't seen anywhere else, ever. I was there from 2pm til 7pm on Saturday, the day after their grand opening, there was a line to buy stuff the entire time! It was nice since I had time to just poke around so I got a bunch of photos. Jen Corace took me to lunch for a delicious taco at AS220 where I got to meet the maker of the bloody man dolls, Cory Thompson (pictured below). Deb Dormody and Alec Thibodeau were my hosts with the mosts for the night, such an amazing pair!

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Window displays by Jen Corace
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This is something that I found of particular interest. I love these felt bloody men made by Cory Thompson (I bought 3). These xmas stockings are also by Cody Thomson. Amazing.
Dead man dolls by Cory Thompson at <span class=

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And at Craftland you will always find a smattering of insane prints, well, since it is Providence and Providence is a mecca of genius printmakers.
Amazing print selection at <span class=

I couldn't resist one of Ray Fenwick's paintings on a vintage book cover either, it took me about an hour to pick one out.
Ray <span class=

The next morning was blanketed with snow and I packed up ye' ol' rental car and headed back to Boston for Bazaar Bizarre. Have you ever navigated in Boston? It sucks. Once when Micaela and I were there shooting a few years back we got sooooo lost. This time, I only got a little lost thanks to my trusty iphone. The space the show was in is called the Castle, an old armory. I was at my table myself all day so I only got a handful of pictures. The show was a hit, great turn-out, super space and I got to be next to Tracy and Justin of Happy Owl Glass!

Boston Bazaar Bizarre!

Now it's all about being home in Milwaukee for three entire weeks until the madness of January travel starts!

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