Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Love it when there are goodies in my PO BOX like this magazine from Japan with some sort of mention of Handmade Nation.... anyone care to translate?

Press in Japanese!

Want to send me something? You should: PO BOX 134, Milwaukee, WI 53201


Anonymous said...

Sorry my Japanese is kinda crap! I won't even attempt to translate.

But I wanted to say, that I came directly to your blog, and I had trouble getting a link to your book. I see it is on the official site- but you could link it with your fancy affiliate link way at the top of the page- buy the book! And I think that gets you a little more money.

I wish I could see the film. I have no idea how I could set up a screening here in Ireland? I don't know how that stuff works really, but I will mention it to the local film club! I just think the audience for "DIY" stuff isn't *as big* here in Ireland. Sad, but true.

Best of luck in this final stretch.

viva said...

I'd like to try translate the article, but the text is too small. Could you send it to me in a bigger size? I tried zooming in but it just made it harder to read with the blurred letters.
My email address is cityslick430@gmail.com.

Also, any chance of book signing/screening events in DC?