Sunday, May 11, 2008

Saturday, July 19th
at the Poketo Headquarters
510 S Hewitt #506 Los Angeles, CA 90013 (5th floor)

Come hang out, watch a clip of the documentary, have a drink, check out the art, make a bid and if you are lucky you may be taking home a new piece work by one of the 30 artists who donated to help us raise our goal $5000
to finish Handmade Nation!

The press release with event details is available HERE.

Feel free to pass it around and help up spread the news, we are looking for as much hype to help us raise our $5,000 goal! I will be updating you often with news and details about the show, just keep an eye out for the logo above and feel free to post it on your page and link back to us to help spread the word!!So here's the deal..... these 30 artists have donated original and limited edition artwork and print that will be up for auction, it is going to be an amazing show because participating artists include:
Alena Hennessy, Amy Rice, Catherine Ryan, Catia Chen, Chris Crites, Daria Tessler, David Stein, Diem Chau, Emily Eibel, Erika Somogyi, Jen Corace, Jill Bliss, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Katy Horan, Keith Shore, Kelly Lynn Jones, Kim Weiss, Kime Buzzelli, Leah Chun, Lisa Congdon, Lisa Solomon, Merrilee Challis, The Polaroid Kidd (aka Mike Brodie), Monica Canilao, Nikki McClure, Pete Yahnke, Pippi Zornoza, Renee Garner, Sarah Anderson, Sarah Neuburger, Stephanie Syjuco, The Little Friends of Printmaking, Tom Vadakan, Tracy Bull, Veronica De Jesus, Will Bryant and Xander Marro.

Also 40 super duper stuffed gift bags (we are talking books, t-shirts, soap, stationary....etc) will be handed out to the first people at the event filled with goodies from:
Apenest, Art School Dropout, Bubble Roome Soap, Cara Taylor Designs, Cursive Design, Dog & Pony Show Designs, EKRA Recycling Artist, Ex Libris Anonymous, Foxy & Winston, Happy Owl Glass, Matty 8080, Pearl & Marmalade, Poketo, Princeton Architectural Press, Supermaggie, The Great Lakes Goods and Zeichen Press

If you would like to volunteer at the event, please drop me a line.

A special big thanks goes to our event sponsors:
Craft Magazine
Three by Three


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