Monday, April 21, 2008

Guerrilla Girls, featuring Frida Kahlo

Home from Pittsburgh where I was a speaker at the Art, Activism & Equity Symposium. The event was fantastic & I met an amazing amount of mind-blowing women. It was such an honor to be on the same bill as the Guerrilla Girls !

My talk was titled "Crafting Your Life: Craftivism & Creating Community". I spoke about my many projects and then showed a bunch of slides of craft+activism from around the world.

Here I am with Jennifer Baron who was responsible for bringing me to the event.

What an amazing weekend! More pictures are HERE & more information on the event is HERE.


marimello said...

For some reason that looks like a Japanese photo booth picture...I love!

I want more info on what happened!

Biz-Success said...

great blog, we love what you have done

Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club said...

That is an amazing picture and I am totally jealous of that umbrella.

Tina said...

Wish I were there, you are awesome!

Anonymous said...



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