Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Holy YES! We are nearing the end of phase 1 with editing (transcribing all the tapes, all 80 hours) I never realized how painful it would be to listen to myself talk that much. Let's just say it made me squirm. BUT this means we now get to the fun part of piecing the puzzle of the documentary together! Piece of cake, right?!

What Cris and I realized over the course of watching all the footage gathered from the last year, is that we needed to follow-up on a few things. And of course there was some stuff missing.

So gave up my space at Renegade Craft fair and instead of vending we will be shooting. Not just roaming around and talking to people shooting (although we will probably do some of that too), but following one lucky vendor for 24 hours. That's right, 24 hours with a crafter-- so the view can expierecne the amount of work that goes into participating in a show this scale. Our lucky lady is going to be the fantastic Ileana of India*Romeo.

Ileana was actually the very first person we interviewed for the documentary in Atlanta, GA at ICE.

Micaela and I will also be making an unexpceted very quick trip to New York for the launch of the newly revamped American Craft Magazine (not to be confused with CRAFT: zine) and doing an interview with Andrew Wagner the new editor-in-chief (formerly of Dwell). Cris and I decided we need a little more imput from someone who is apart of the American Craft community and Mr. Wagner fits the bill! It just so happens that it times out perfectly to catch the last of the Summer in the City Salon Series at the American Craft Council Library. The last segment is on Blogging the Handmade: Creating Community, Conversation & Commerce. Brooklyn gallery owners Amy Shaw (Greenjeans) and Rena Tom (Rare Device) speak about their blogs and how they’re linking craft and design lovers to build communities smitten with unique handmade objects.
And we will not leave NY a second time without paying homage to the ETSY Labs! We are also going to try to get Rob Kalin (the man behind the concept and software) on camera for an interview to get his two cents about the DIY community and the quick growth of ETSY.

Some of you may know that I have been finalizing a book deal with Princeton Architectural Press (I think that's the first time I've officially printed their name on the blog!!). The book with be a companion to the documentary featuring makers from around the country including parts of their interviews from our footage and lots of pictures and essays from community members (I'm so flippin excited!). More on that soon along with an introduction to Cortney Heimerl who will be the co-author!

That made me think, maybe we should do a Q&A for Cortney, Micaela (our camera-lady) & Cris (the editor)? Thoughts?

Please don't forget- I posted new donation up in the ETSY shop and the blue totes are restocked for those of you who have been emailing!


FUN FACT: My brick & mortar shop is featured in the September issue of Spin Magazine in an article about Milwaukee! Page 146!


macdevil said...

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